Latin Lover (wrestler)

Latin Lover (wrestler)

See Latin Lover (TV series) for the Spanish language series.

Victor Manuel Resendiz Ruiz (born October 25, 1967 in Monterrey, Nuevo León) is a Mexican actor and former professional wrestler wrestling for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) in Mexico. He is better known by his ring name Latin Lover. He was sometimes criticized by Hispanics who watched a translated rerun of WWF Monday Night RAW on Telemundo, to be the Mexican ripoff of Shawn Michaels' in-ring persona as a heel. This is mainly because of his nickname, as they're related in some way, and because they both use the same finishing move. In 2005, he competed in and won Bailando por un Sueño. He announced his retirement on January 26 after a serious injury requiring surgery.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and favorite moves

*La Casita (Magistral Cradle)
*La Patada del Cabrito (Superkick)

Championships and accomplishments

*AAA Campeón de Campeones Championship (1 time)

  • Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F.

*Mexican National Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
* Mexican National Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with Heavy Metal (1) and Panterita del Ring (1)

  • Other Titles

*FILL Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

Luchas de Apuestas record

Wager lost/wonWinnerLoserWhereDateNote
Hair Latin Lover Stuka Monterrey, Nuevo León 6/??/92 -
Masks Sangre Chicana & Sanguinario Latin Lover & Polimero Especial Monterrey, Nuevo León 6/??/92 -
Hair Latin Lover Valente Fernández Monterrey, Nuevo León 9/27/92 -
Mask Latin Lover Arafath Monterrey, Nuevo León 10/15/93 -
Hair Latin Lover El Signo Naucalpan, Mexico 5/1/94 -
Hair Latin Lover El Sanguinario Monterrey, Nuevo León 11/27/94 -
Hair Latin Lover Babe Face Tulancingo, Hidalgo 4/16/99 1
Hair Latin Lover El Sanguinario Monterrey, Nuevo León 7/18/99 2
Hair Latin Lover Pirata Morgan Dallas, Texas 4/13/03 -
Hair Latin Lover Misterioso Tijuana, Baja California 10/17/03 -
Hair Latin Lover Héctor Garza Monterrey, Nuevo León 10/26/03 -
Hair Latin Lover Pirata Morgan Naucalpan, Mexico 12/5/04 3
Hair Latin Lover Chessman Naucalpan, Mexico 9/18/05 4

  1. Parejas Increibles match with Babe Face and Latin Lover vs. Perro Aguayo & El Texano
  2. Cage match with Jerry Estrada and The Panther
  3. Cage match with Latin Lover, Heavy Metal, Hátor, and La Fiera. Morgan wasn't in the match itself; he interfered and lost his hair as he was the last person left in the cage.
  4. Electrified cage match with Latin Lover, Shocker, Cibernético, and Chessman
  5. He has also won the hairs of Pimpinela Escarlata, Fabuloso Blondy, Rick Patterson, Crazy 33, and El Sanguinario.
  6. Latest one-round fight alongside La Parka versus Shocker and Abismo Negro

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