Latera is a small town and comune in the Province of Viterbo, Italy. Situated near Bolsena Lake and Mezzano Lake, is important for vulcanic underground activity near the inhabitated centre. It has a small rock with a medieval palace by Farnese family, surrounded by medieval stone houses.


Latera and its castle are known by documents from around the beginning of the 12th century. It began its long-lasting link with the Farnese family in 1408, when Pope Gregory XII conceded vicardom of the city to Ranuccio Farnese, creating with the namesake city of Farnese a Duchy independent from that of the nearby Castro. The Farnese reigned over Latera until 1650.

Main sights

  • The Palace of Ranuccio Farnese
  • The Three Fountains
  • Museum of Earth, inaugurated in 1999

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