Langer Max

Langer Max

Langer Max (long Max) was a World War I German cannon officially called 38cm SKL/45. They were originally designed as naval guns for the German Bayern class battleships, but after the suspension of SMS Sachsen and SMS Wurttenburg several were used as heavy land artillery on the Western Front. Nicknamed Max, the gun's (supporting) barrel and railway transportable carriage was used in the famed Paris Gun. Some guns were also emplaced in the Pommern and Deutschland coastal batteries on the Flanders coast protecting occupied Ostend.

The first salvo from two of these guns commenced the first massive German artillery bombardment during the Battle of Verdun.


  • Weight 80 metric tons
  • Length 17.10 m
  • Bore length 16.1 m
  • Caliber 38 cm
  • Shell weight 750 kg standard , 400 kg coastal artillery for extra range
  • Range
    • 23,000 m in shipborne mounting (20 degrees elevation)
    • 38,000 m coastal mounting 45 degrees
    • 47,000 m coastal mounting with "light" shell
  • Rate of fire 2.5 rpm

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