Landis, Saskatchewan

Landis, Saskatchewan

Landis is a small village in western Saskatchewan, Canada, about 21.06 miles south of Wilkie and about 80.42 miles west from Saskatoon on Highway 14. Landis has shrunk to a population of 119 down from the population of 482 according to the 2001 census. It is located within the Sun West School Division. From 1907 to 1909, the post office at Sec.23, Twp.37, R.18, W3 was known as Daneville. In 1925, Landis was a Canadian National Railway Station on the G.T.P. Grand Trunk Pacific Railway West Line.


Historical education

The one room school house was named Landis School District #2363 and was formed at Tsp 37 Rge 17 W of the 3 Meridian.


The Landis Record written by the Landis Historical Society.


N/A = Data Not Available

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Area statistics

  • Latitude 52°12′ N
  • Longitude 108°27′ W
  • Dominion Land Survey Section 24, Township 37, Range 18 West of the 3rd Meridian

Time zone (CST) UTC−6


North: Wolfe | Trayner Traynor p.o.
West: Leipzig Landis East: Palo
South: Springwater

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