Landing Platform Helicopter

Landing Platform Helicopter

Landing Platform, Helicopter (LPH) is the US Navy hull classification symbol for the amphibious assault ships of the Iwo Jima class and three converted Essex class aircraft carriers.

No ships of this classification are currently in active service with the United States Navy, having been replaced with multi-purpose ships classified as Landing Helicopter Dock or Landing Helicopter Assault ships. France now operates the , which has a helicopter deck and well dock. The Royal Navy operates the only LPH type ship still in operation, .

LPH Ships

United States Navy

  • USS Block Island (LPH-1) (CVE-106) – – Conversion to LPH cancelled
  • – – First ship to be designed and built from the keel up as an amphibious assault ship.
  • Iwo Jima-class
  • USS Boxer (LPH-4) (ex CV-21) – Converted straight deck
  • USS Princeton (LPH-5) (ex CV-37) – Converted straight deck Essex-class aircraft carrier
  • USS Thetis Bay (LPH-6) (ex CVE-90, ex CVHA-1) – Minimal conversion
  • Iwo Jima-class
  • USS Valley Forge (LPH-8) (ex CV-45) – Converted straight deck Essex-class aircraft carrier
  • Iwo Jima-class
  • Iwo Jima-class – Towed hulk on loan to US Army launching targets for THAAD Missiles at Pacific Missile Range Facility.
  • Iwo Jima-class
  • Iwo Jima-class

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy Also has operated LPH type ships calling them commando carriers

  • – emergency minimal conversion for Suez Crisis
  • – emergency minimal conversion for Suez Crisis Colossus-class aircraft carrier
  • – Converted Colossus-class aircraft carrier
  • – Converted
  • – Converted Centaur-class aircraft carrier
  • – New design based on the , Currently in service.
  • - Equipped and tasked as an LPH while Ocean is in refit; primary duty as a fleet carrier.


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