Landal Greenparks

Landal Greenparks

Landal Greenparks is a European network of holiday villages, with locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


The company owns 60 holiday villages, which contain over 10.000 bungalows. It's headquarter is in Leidschendam, in the Netherlands. Landal Greenparks has 44 holiday villages in the Netherlands, and is therefore the biggest in its kind. Of the other 16 villages, 6 contain campings, with a total of 1500 places to stay. There work about 2.500 people at the company. It is different from other companies, because it has an open character. The words quite, space, and nature play an important role. Those terms are also the main reason why people choose for it.


The company was founded in 1954, when the Dutch company "Nillmij" bought up the Dutch holliday village "Rabbit Hill". In the first place, it was ment to sell the houses to staff of the company, but because there didn't work many people. So people from outside the company now had the opportunity to rent a bungalow, where they could celebrate their holiday. This became attractive, and more villages were bought up. The first village abroad appeared in 1965 in Germany.

The Nillmij company was rebranded, after several merges since 1969, to "ENNIA". All holiday villages changed their name to ENNIA too. In 1983, ENNIA merged with "AGO", and together, they formed the new company "AEGON". Every holiday village had to be renamed, because of this merging. After several more companies merged, it was decided that the "Aegon Reacreation Holland Group" had to be sold. On July 18, 1996, all holiday villages were sold to a group of investing people, which were investing under the name of Landal Greenparks.

In 2002, Landal Greenparks acquires Beheer & Projecten (literally: Manage & Projects) from Groningen, including the management of 34 holiday villages of Gran Dorado, from Pierre & Vacances (the parent company of Center Parcs). In the first place, Pierre & Vacances wanted to exploit the villages by themselves, but the Dutch authority didn't allow this. When the small villages from Creative Holiday Parks (taken over from Gran Dorado resorts in 1997) were taken over by Landal Greenparks, this company became the largest of holiday villages, while Gran Dorado and Center Parcs had this title first. The company is nowadays a part of the Global Vacation Network, which is one of the business companies of the American Wyndham Worwide.

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