Lamb Leer

Lamb Leer

Lamb Leer is a 14.59 hectare (36.04 acre) geological Site of Special Scientific Interest between East Harptree and Priddy in the Mendip Hills, Somerset, notified in 1983.

This cavern is a fragment of a very ancient major cave system which now contains one of the largest chambers on Mendip. The system is dry, lying well above the present day water-table, and it is thought that the passages may well have originated before the Ice Age (Pleistocene Period) began. Sediments preserved in the caves are important as they allow geologists to study the record of the changing environmental conditions which occurred over this long period of time.

This is a short cave dominated by a 25 m pitch into a large circular chamber, as well as a large stalagmite boss. It is not accessible.

In 1974, some members of Mendip caving club were caving in Lamb Leer. In this incident, an un-lifelined caver fell off a ladder and a novice caver who was at the bottom of the ladder was badly injured. His family sued the club for damages.


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