Lake Lacamas

Round Lake (Washington)

Round Lake is a small lake in Camas, Washington, USA. The lake is connected at its north-west tip to Lacamas Lake. Lacamas Park includes access to Round Lake for fishing, picnicing, grilling, and jogging. The park includes a trail that goes entirely around Round Lake, and across the approximately dam that controls the level of Lacamas Lake and Round Lake.

Water quality

Lacamas Park also contains a small information center that describes the deteriorating water quality in both Lacamas Lake and Round Lake. According to the signs present, precipitation captured over 43,000 acres (174 km²) forms the Lacamas Creek which flows into both Lacamas Lake and Round Lake. This water contains a higher than normal amount of pollutants which are rapidly diminishing the water quality of both lakes.

In the past 5 years (counting backwards from 2006), this lake has been getting worse and worse. There are clean-up and other efforts to make the lake a better place, but when its drained for dam repairs it smells something like a mixture of dead rotting fish and other various pollutant smells.

Most of the pollutants that go into this lake and others around it come from the nearby golf course which uses large amounts of fertilizer to keep the grass green.

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