[luh-dee-noh; Sp. lah-thee-naw]
Ladino: see Sephardim.

Central American whose primary language is Spanish and who wears modern dress. Genetically ladinos may be of Indian, African, or mixed descent. An Indian may become a ladino by abandoning the Indian dress and customs. Many rural ladinos practice subsistence agriculture much like that of their Indian neighbours, but they tend to emphasize cash crops and modern farming techniques, which the Indians shun. In small towns ladinos commonly engage in commerce as well as farming. In the cities they engage in all occupations, from day labourer to university professor.

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Ladino (a derivation of "Latin") may refer to:

  • Ladino Sephardic language, a term for the Judaeo-Spanish language primarily spoken among Sephardic Jewish communities, or more specifically for the written form used in religious texts and translations
  • Ladin, a Romance language spoken in Northern Italy called Ladino in Italian
  • Ladinos, a historical ethnic community consisting of Spanish-speaking slaves from Africa living in Spain before the colonization in the Americas.
  • Ladino, is also another word for Mestizo a socio-ethnic category prevalent in some parts of Central America especially in Guatemala.
  • Ladino, a hardy type of large white clover, often grown as a forage crop
  • Ladino, the meaning in Spanish and Portuguese, meaning "astute, clever, sneaky", comparing knowledge of the Latin language with a more down-to-earth cunning devil.

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