[luh-dee-noh; Sp. lah-thee-naw]
Ladino: see Sephardim.
Ladino (a derivation of "Latin") may refer to:

  • Ladino Sephardic language, a term for the Judaeo-Spanish language primarily spoken among Sephardic Jewish communities, or more specifically for the written form used in religious texts and translations
  • Ladin, a Romance language spoken in Northern Italy called Ladino in Italian
  • Ladinos, a historical ethnic community consisting of Spanish-speaking slaves from Africa living in Spain before the colonization in the Americas.
  • Ladino, is also another word for Mestizo a socio-ethnic category prevalent in some parts of Central America especially in Guatemala.
  • Ladino, a hardy type of large white clover, often grown as a forage crop
  • Ladino, the meaning in Spanish and Portuguese, meaning "astute, clever, sneaky", comparing knowledge of the Latin language with a more down-to-earth cunning devil.

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