Labour and Labour Legislation

Labour legislation

Labour Legislation (or Labor legislation) is the regulation of labor in some form or another, whether by statute, custom, royal authority, ecclesiastical rules or by formal legislation in the interests of a community. This is as old as the most ancient forms of civilization.


The enforcement of laws by executive or judicial action is an important matter relating to labor legislation, for without action such laws would remain dead letters. Under the constitutions of the United States, the governor is the commander-in-chief of the military forces, and he has enforced the power to order the militia or any part of it into establishment of labor active service in case of insurrection, invasion, tumult, or laws.


Arbitration may be undertaken in some states on application from either party, in others on the application of both parties. An agreement to maintain the status quo pending arbitration is usually required. The modes of enforcement of obedience to the awards of the boards are various. Some states depend on publicity alone, some give the decisions the effect of judgments of courts of law which may be enforced by execution, while in other states disobedience to such decisions is punishable as for contempt of court. The Federal statute applies only to common carriers engaged in interstate commerce, and provides for an attempt to be made at mediation by two designated government officials in controversies between common carriers and their empioyhs, and, in case of the failure of such an attempt, for the formation of a board of arbitration consisting of the same officials together with certain other parties to be selected. Such arbitration boards are to be formed only at the request or upon the consent of both parties.


  • Original source: 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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