La Rocca

La Rocca

La Rocca is an Irish rock band, formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2002.

The band formed when college friends Nick Haworth and Alan Redmond met Bjorn Baillie in Cardiff, they were later joined by Bjorn’s older brother Simon. Three of the four members of La Rocca Bjorn Baillie, his brother, bassist Simon Baillie, and drummer Alan Redmond, hail from small towns near Dublin, Ireland. Keyboardist Nick Haworth, is from Lancashire, England.

The band is named after a dive bar in the city of Bristol where the group played an early gig. In 2003, La Rocca released a self-titled EP on the tiny Irish indie Wet Clay, bringing them to the attention of both the Los Angeles-based indie label Dangerbird Records, which signed them in 2004, and producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, Belle & Sebastian, etc.), whose interest in the group helped persuade them to leave Ireland and move to Los Angeles.

They recorded their debut record with Hoffer in the early months of 2006, finally releasing The Truth in August of the same year. The band have had numerous successes to date, touring internationally with French band Phoenix, as well as numerous TV outings on One Tree Hill.

The band's second full-length record, OK Okay, was released September 30, 2008. The songs "Love under Key" and "Paris" have already been featured in the fifth season of One Tree Hill.



  • The song "Non Believer" was played in episode 4.10 of American teen drama One Tree Hill. Episode 4.09 is entitled "Some You Give Away", another one of the band's songs
  • "Some You Give Away" was played in episode 3.24 of American teen drama The O.C. entitled "The Man of the Year" .
  • "If You Need the Morning" was played in episode 3.16 of American teen drama The O.C..
  • The song "Sketches (20 Something Life)" is featured on FIFA 08
  • The indie film 50 Pills starring Lou Taylor Pucci and Kristen Bell features about 7 La Rocca songs
  • "Cross the River" was featured in Season 1 episode 12 titled "School Lies" of hit new show Gossip Girl.


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