La Mano Nera

La Mano Cornuda

La Mano Cornuda is the second studio album by the American rock and roll band The Supersuckers. It was released March 1, 1994 on Sub Pop. The title is Spanish for the horned hand, a reference to the hand sign often seen at rock and roll shows.

Track listing

  1. "Creepy Jackalope Eye"
  2. "Seventeen Poles"
  3. "High Ya!"
  4. "On the Couch"
  5. "Clueless
  6. "Sugie"
  7. "Mudhead"
  8. "Gold Top"
  9. "How to Maximize Your Kill Count"
  10. "I Was Born Without a Spine"
  11. "Glad Damn Glad"
  12. "She's My Bitch"
  13. "The Schmooze"


  • The third track, "High Ya!", begins with an answering machine message from Matt Lukin of Mudhoney informing Eddie Spaghetti of his intended whereabouts the following night and intimating that he will be "holding".
  • The final listed track, "The Schmooze", consists of an answering machine message from Sub Pop producer Jack Endino for Eddie Spaghetti in which the former tries to convince the latter to put him on the guest list for an upcoming show that The Supersuckers are playing with Mudhoney.
  • A final unlisted track contains the entire album, a second time.

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