La Disfida di Barletta

Challenge of Barletta

The Challenge of Barletta (Italian: Disfida di Barletta) was a battle fought near Barletta, southern Italy, on February 13, 1503, on the plains between Corato and Andria. The battle was prompted by an insult said by the Frenchman Charles de la Motte and consisted in a chivalrous tournament on horseback between 13 Italian, based in Barletta, and 13 French knights from Canosa di Puglia. The Italian knights won the battle, and the French then left the area. Barletta has since acquired the nickname Città della Disfida, as a result.

The event inspired a historical novel by the Italian writer Massimo D'Azeglio, Ettore Fieramosca, or La disfida di Barletta, written in 1833.

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