Logatec (german Loitsch, italian Longatico) is a town and a municipality in Slovenia with a population of 8200 (2006). It is located roughly in the center of Notranjska region in the north-west of the country, between capital Ljubljana and Postojna. The area is mostly covered by forests and is known for biking and hiking routes. The town of Logatec has seen rapid industrial development and immigration since the completion of the nearby A1 highway to the coast. Other larger settlements in the muncipality include Rovte, Hotedršica and Laze.


The earliest mentions of the settlement are from Roman times (Roman way station Mansio Longatico). The vicinity of trade routes between the interior and the coast has always played an important part in the region. First the roman road Aquileia - Emona, later the road to Trieste and the Southern Railway. Before the construction of railway line the majority of the population made a living by carrier's business - the so-called furmani (from german Fuhrmann).

The town has actually been formed on the base of old villages: Dolenja vas, Mandrge, Čevica, Martinj hrib, Brod, Blekova vas, Cerkovska vas, Gorenja vas.

The town's brass orchestra was founded in 1913.


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