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Ljane Smith

L.J. (Lisa Jane or LJane) Smith is an American author. Her books are aimed at Young adult literature and combine a myriad of genres including horror, science fiction/fantasy and romance.

She has written three trilogies, one series, one quartet and two companion novels. Her books are characteristically populated with unusually beautiful people, human and supernatural; most of them young, or at least appear youthful. There is usually a dark/light, good/evil conflict, revolving around a central, ambiguous character who, while trying to seduce the heroine to the darkness, ends up being himself reborn into the light and thus becoming a hero. Sometimes this scenario is flipped, or otherwise, it is a variation upon the theme. In the Night World series, the dark/light conflict is institutionalized into a reality-altering conspiracy. The dark/light tension is further played out in romantic soulmate scenarios which drive forward the plot.

Her latest book published was Witchlight, the ninth volume in the Night World series in 1998. The Vampire Diaries were reissued starting in 2007, and according to Smith's website, the Secret Circle trilogy and Night World novels would be reissued starting in late 2008.


Companion Novels




Short Stories

  • Blood Will Tell
  • Thicker Than Water
  • Brionwy's Lullaby
  • Ash & Mary-Lynnette: Those Who Favor Fire
  • Jez and Morgead's Night Out

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