Land Information Assurance Group (LIAG)

The Land Information Assurance Group - LIAG - is a specialist Territorial Army (TA) unit, formed as a result of the Strategic Defence Review (SDR) of 1998:

'On Information Warfare... Our potential
adversaries may choose to adopt
alternative weapons and unconventional
(or asymmetric) strategies, perhaps
attacking us through vulnerabilities in
our open civil societies.'
Extract from The Strategic Defence Review, 1998

The LIAG falls within the Corps of Royal Signals 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade and its tasks are managed by the Royal Signals Central Volunteer Headquarters (CVHQ).

The LIAG is a specialist TA unit - unlike units of the more common independent kind, which are formed by volunteers with all manner of professional and personal backgrounds, LIAG (like other specialist units in medical and communications areas) consists of professionals selected for their professional skills. This reduces the training burden on the military such that only military skills need to be provided to these volunteers - their technical skills are the main selection criteria.

It is also unusual that LIAG is a multi cap badged unit consisting entirely of commissioned Officers - the CO is a Lieutenant Colonel, and the unit is comprised in the main of Majors and Captains.

The LIAG has its own homepage at

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