Gáldar, Las Palmas

Municipality of Gáldar
|- Statistics
Autonomous region: Canary Islands
Province: Las Palmas
Island: Gran Canaria
Area: 61.59 km²
some reads 61.96 km²
Population: 22,992 (2004)
Population density: 371.08/km²

Atlantic Ocean
43 m
eastern part
Location: 28.133/28°8' N lat.
15.65/15°39' W long.
Municipal code: E-35009
Car designation: GC until 2001

Gáldar's area is 61.59 km² with a population of about 22,763 (ISTAC, 2003) and its density is 369.59/km².

Gáldar is situated in the mountains and are surrounded by valleys. Farmlands are within the coastline while the mountains lies to the southeast, the Atlantic Ocean lies to the west and to the north. A promontory is facing to the northwest. Gáldar is located W of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and GC2, N of Puerto Rico and W of Arucas and is linked with a major highway linking Puerto Rico and Arucas. The main industry are agriculture, businesses and tourism.

Geography and Information

  • Location:
    • Latitude: 28.133 (28°8') N
    • Longitude: 15.666 (15°39') W
  • Altitude:
    • Lowest: Atlantic Ocean
    • Centre: 43 m
    • Highest: eastern part
  • Name of inhabitants: -
  • Postal code: -


Historical population

Year Population Density
1991 20,656 -
1996 21,704 -
2001 22,154 357.32/km²
2002 22,677 -
2003 22,763 369.59/km²
2004 22,922 371.08/km²


Gáldar has schools, lyceums, a few gymnasia, churches, a post office and a few squares (plazas).

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