Lalor, Victoria

Lalor is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Lalor is named after Peter Lalor, the leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion. Lalor's Local Government Area is the City of Whittlesea and its postcode is 3075. The eastern and western borders of Lalor are defined by Darebin Creek and Merri Creek respectively.

Lalor was a part of Thomastown until the end of World War II, when a group of ex-servicemen formed the Peter Lalor Home-Building Cooperative Society to provide low-cost homes. They chose east of today's railway station to be the site of the new developments and a town planner was hired to design a garden for the suburb. Lalor Post Office was opened on 1 August 1949.

In 1954 Lalor Primary School was opened, reaching an enrolment of 1,000 by 1971, at which point a further three primary schools were founded. Lalor Primary School was built on land owned by the Evans family and held its 50th anniversary in 2004. Several of the surrounding streets are named after members of the Evans family (Evans Street, Ruth Street). Lalor also has three public secondary schools: Peter Lalor College, Lalor Secondary College, and Lalor North Secondary College.

The Lalor Shopping Centre shopping strip lies off the main road, High Street, and Lalor Plaza is located further east in a more residential area.

Interestingly, many Lalor residents pronounce the suburb's name as even though Peter Lalor's name is .


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