Lal (لعل , لال , Lāl ) is derived from the Indo-Iranian word meaning ' Red '. It is a middle name used by many Indo-Aryan clans. Lal is also used as a final element of a compound personal name, such as Amir lal (Amir being the first name), Dost Lal (dost meaning "friend"), Rani Lal (rani meaning "queen") and Padshah Lal Qamar. It is a common name in India and other South Asian countries.


Lal means "garnet" or "ruby" in Persian, "ruby" in Pashto, and "red" in Hindustani. Also means "Lol" on internet talk.


There is an homonymous word of Lal in Hindi, from Persian meaning ‘Ruby’, ‘Red’, which may have increased the popularity of this name. It occurs more commonly as the final element of a compound personal name. Lal is used as a middle name by many communities.

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