Lützen, town, Saxony, S central Germany. There, in the Thirty Years War, Gustavus II of Sweden defeated (1632) General Albrecht Wallenstein, but was killed in the battle; Marshal Gottfried zu Poppenheim, on the imperial side, was also mortally wounded. In 1813, Napoleon I defeated the Russian and Prussian forces at nearby Grossgörschen (also spelled Gross Görschen).

Lützen is a town in the Burgenlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is situated approx. 14 km northeast of Weißenfels, and 18 km southwest of Leipzig. It is part of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft ("collective municipality") Lützen-Wiesengrund.

The town was the scene of two famous battles:

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