Kwilu Province

Kwilu Province

Kwilu Province is one of three provinces which are being restored from Bandundu Province. It existed from 1962-1966, but in 1964 the administration was taken over by the central government due to a rebellion in southwestern Congo; rebel administration in most of Kwilu province from Jan 1964; reconquest by the legal government in Jun 1965. The provincial government was restored on January 18, 1966, but the province was merged together with Kwango Province and Mai-Ndombe Province to create Bandundu province.

It is being restored as a province by the 2006 Constitution, which will take effect in 2009.

Heads of the provincial government from 1962-1966


  • 8 Sep 1962 - 18 Jan 1964 Norbert Leta
  • Jan 1964 - Nov 1964 Pierre Mulele (b. 1929 - d. 1968)
    • (commander-in-chief and Head of the General Direction)


  • 18 Jan 1966 - 25 Apr 1966 Henri-Désiré Takizala


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