Kurundwad Senior

Deccan States Agency

The Deccan States Agency was an administrative unit of British India. The agency was created in the 1930's, and was composed of a number of princely states in western India, located in the present-day Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The Deccan States Agency was combined with the residency of Kolhapur, and was also called the Deccan States Agency and Kolhapur Residency. Before the creation of the Deccan States Agency, the states were under the authority of the British province of Bombay Presidency. After Indian Independence in 1947, the states acceded to the Government of India, and were integrated into the Indian state of Bombay. In 1956 the southern portion of Bombay state was transferred to Mysore State (later renamed Karnataka), while the rest of Bombay State was divided into the new states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960.

States of the Deccan States Agency

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