Kunpeng Airlines

Kunpeng Airlines

Kunpeng Airlines is a regional airline based in northern China. It is a joint venture between Shenzhen Airlines of China and Mesa Air Group of the United States and is also the largest sino-foreign regional airlines in China.


The agreement to form Kunpeng Airlines was signed in December 2006, and service began in October 2007. Kunpeng operates both passenger and cargo service as well as charter flights. The airline currently flies Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft which are leased from Mesa Air Group. The airline's livery is made up of red, white, and gold and the name derives from a mythical Chinese bird.

In August 2008, Kunpeng announced that they would be moving its headquarters and operating base to the city of Zhengzhou. Kunpeng has been operating at a financial loss and it is hoped that the move will bring the airline into profit. Kungpeng still plans on having 200 aircraft and operating 900 daily flights by 2016.

Also in August 2008, the Mesa Air Group stated that they intend to sell all of there shares in Kunpeng to there partner Shenzhen Airlines. It is expected that Mesa will continue to lease the five CRJ200's to Kungeng.



As of September 2008, Kunpeng Airlines operates:

Kunpeng Fleet
Aircraft Seats Total In Service Orders Options Notes
Bombardier CRJ200 50 5 On lease from Mesa Air Group
Embraer E-190 98 1 4 Hopes to get government approval to order up to 50
ACAC ARJ21 78-85 100

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