Krinos, Achaea

Krinos, Achaea

Prefecture: Achaea
Province: Patras
Municipality: Movri
Municipal district: Krinos (seat)

38.0645 (38° 3' 56") N
21.4975 (21° 29' 41") E
Population: (2001) -Percent of the municipality

about 15 m (northwest)
162 m
Movri] (about 600 m, south)
Postal code: GR-252 00
Area/distance code: 11-(00)30-26240
Car designation: AX

Krinos (Greek: Κρίνος) is a Greek village located 35 km southwest of Patras and about 60 km northeast of Pyrgos. Mataragka had a population of 326 in 2001 for the village. Mataragka is also in the municipality of Larissos since the late-1990s. Mataragka is connected with the Lappa-Mataragka and villages of the southwestern Movri and a few more roads.


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Krinos is situated in a plain that goes from Vartholomio to Kato Achaia and mount Movri. The area are made up of farmlands and forests in the northern portion and mount Movri with grasslands and bushes to the south and it contains several streams. Its main production are fruits including watermelon, melon, figs and vegetables including corn, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cucumbers and others as well as dairy, livestock, olives and others. The majority of the population are rural-based, the rest work on services as well as a growing number on agricultural factories. The population had left for larger cities and outside Greece but an increase in population did not see a large emigration.

Residential and other buildings are within the main and farm roads. The transformer line connecting Patras and Pyrgos runs to the north and a secondary one also to the north connecting with other parts.

Houses were stone-built until the 1950s and did not surpass modern-style homes until the 1980s. It was linked with pavement in the 1980s


Year Population Change Percent of the
1981 370 - -
1991 393 +23 or +% -
2001 326 +197 or +118.67% 6.38%


Krinos has a school, a church, and a square (plateia), its nearest school and lyceum (middle school) and gymnasium (secondary school) are in Riolos and Sageika.

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