Kradetzat Na Praskovi

Kradetzat Na Praskovi

Kradetzat Na Praskovi (Крадецът на праскови, The Peach-Garden Trespasser) is a 1964 Bulgarian film, directed by Vulo Radev and based on a story by Emilian Stanev. Set towards the end of World War I, it tells the story of a whirlwind love affair between a Serbian prisoner of war, Ivo Obrenovich (played by Rade Markovic) and a Colonel's wife, Elisaveta, played by Nevena Kokanova.

The title owns itself to instance when Ivo Obrenovich is caught by Elisaveta in her private garden stealing peaches. Her lonely life with her cold husband leads to her reliance on their frequent meetings in the peach garden. They form a mutual deep and affectionate love for one another.

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