Korinos (Κορινός) is a village located in Pieria prefecture, Greece. Korinos has approximately 5000 citizens and it's located 5 km northeast of the city of Katerini (Κατερίνη), the capital of Pieria prefecture. GR-1 is situated to the west serving a nearby interchange near Katerini. Korinos is famous for its beaches -lying to its east- and hotels in the area, which make the village an ideal place for tourism.

Additionally, Korinos has a public library since 2006.

Although the word "Korinos" does not have any meaning in the Greek language and its origin is unknown, there are several different explanations for this name. According to one of them, Korinos was named after the many Korinia (Κορίνεια) trees existed in the area during its foundation (aprx.1900). The second explanation is that Korinos was named after a General. Finally, some people believe that the name originates from the word "καρίνα" (keel), because Korinos Beach was a constructing place for keels.

Korinos became famous in Greece, after an economic scandal (during 2000) concerning the distribution of building grounds from Korinos' municipality to the villagers.


Municipal districts

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal district population Municipal population Change Percent of the municipal district Percent of the prefecture
1981 3,185 - - - - - -
1991 3,705 +520 or +16.33% - 5,757 - - - -
2001 4,054 +349 or +9.42% 4,097 6,611 -


Korinos was liberated by the Greek Army and after the end of the Balkan Wars, it finally became a part of Greece after nearly five centuries of Ottoman Rule. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, devastated buildings were rebuilt. Electricity and radio were introduced in the mid-20th century, in the same time, tourism was introduced and later boomed to become its main industry over agriculture, television in the 1980s and computer in the late-1990s along with Internet. On June 9, 2007, a low pressure system that arrived from Southern and Central Europe brought in torrential downpours enough to ruin fruits, vegetable and other crops, it turned several farmlands into ponds and lakes.


Korinos has two elementary schools, a gymnasium, a post office, and squares (plateies). Korinos has also a football team named "Thermaikos" which is very well know in the local competions. The blue and whites this year are close to promotion.

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