Kool Savas

Kool Savas

Savas Yurderi (born in Aachen), better known by his stage name Kool Savas, is a German rapper of Turkish descent and one of Germany's most influential hip hop artists. His real name is Savaş Yurderi. Savaş is the Turkish word for War. He is also the frontman of the Optik Army.

Musical career

Savas' career began with the recording "Warum rappst du?". He gained attention with controversial lyrics in songs like "Schwule Rapper", "LMS" and "Pimplegioneah". Initially Savas rapped in English in groups like the Basic Elements. He became more successful in groups like M.O.R. ("Masters of Rap") and Westberlin Maskulin together with Taktloss. In 2001 he left his recording firm Put Da Needle To Da Records and the group M.O.R. itself because of personal and artistic differences.

In 2002 he released his first solo album "Der beste Tag meines Lebens" with his own recording company, Optik Records, beginning in the same year. He worked with many German and international artists including Azad, Juelz Santana, Curse, Moses Pelham, Samy Deluxe, RZA, J-Luv, Lumidee, Bligg, Jadakiss, Xavier Naidoo, Tha Alkaholiks, KutMasta Kurt, Kurupt, Royce Da 5'9", Tre Little, Mystic Journeymen, the Hieroglyphics and Smut Peddlers.

With his recording firm, he sought to build up and promote a number of artists, including for example platinum rapper Eko Fresh whom he discovered. Currently the following artists are under contract: DJ Nicon, Melbeatz, Ercandize, Caput, and Amar. The contract with the rapper SD ended because of musical differences and he left followed by his friend Spontan. Both of them left to Eko Fresh's label German Dream. At the moment, Savas' little brother Sinan is also under contract.

In the end of 2004, Eko Fresh released the song "Die Abrechnung" in which he dissed Kool Savas. In February 2005, Kool Savas answered with the track "Das Urteil". The track was available for free download on the hip hop website Mzee.com and was accompanied by a video clip that was voted twenty times for first place on the MTV TRL charts. In 2006, Kool Savas had beef with the Swedish rapper Promoe, the beef was ended by Promoe with his response "Sag Was" that was put on the major German rap-site www.rap.de


Albums and Mixtapes

  • 1997: "Demotape '97" (unreleased, Tape)
  • 1997: "Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes" (with Taktlo$$ as Westberlin Maskulin)
  • 1999: "Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes LP" (with Taktlo$$ as Westberlin Maskulin)
  • 2000: "Battlekings" (with Taktlo$$ as Westberlin Maskulin)
  • 2001: "Masters of Rap - NLP" (with Fumanschu, Justus Jonas and others)
  • 2002: "Der beste Tag meines Lebens" (The best day of my life) (Soloalbum)
  • 2003: "Freunde der Sonne - Nur Noch 24 Stunden" (Friends of the sun - Only 24 hours) (with Illmatic & Katch Money)
  • 2004: "Die besten Tage sind gezählt/Euer bester Freund" (The best days are numbered/Your best friend) (Remixalbum/Mix-CD)
  • 2004. "Kool Savas goes Hollywood" (Mix-CD)
  • 2005: "ONE" (with Azad)
  • 2005: "Die John Bello Story" (Mixtape)
  • 2007: "No Money No Problem" (Mixtape) (For free Internet-Mixtape of www.kool-savas.com)
  • 2007: "Tot oder Lebendig" (Dead or alive) (Soloalbum)

Singles and EPs

  • 2000: "Plattenpapzt - King Of Rap" (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2000: "Warum Rappst Du?" (Why do you rap?) (EP) (banned)
  • 2000: "L.M.S./Schwule Rapper" (L.M.S. means "Lutsch mein Schwanz" Suck my dick/Gay rappers) (Vinyl Single) (banned)
  • 2000: "Fehdehandschuh" (Creutzfeld & Jakob featuring Kool Savas) (CD Single)
  • 2001: "That smut Part 2" (Smut Peddlers featuring Kool Savas) (CD Single)
  • 2001: "Haus & Boot EP" (EP)
  • 2002: "D.U.T." (J-Luv featuring Kool Savas) (CD Single)
  • 2002: "Keiner außer uns" (CD Single)
  • 2002: "Till' Ab Joe" (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2003: "Optik Anthem" (featuring Optik Crew) (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2003: "Der beste Tag meines Lebens" (The best day in my Life) (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2003: "Crashin' a Party" (featuring Lumidee) (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2004: "Die besten Tage sind gezählt" (featuring Lumidee) (The best days are counted) (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2004: "OK!" (Melbeatz featuring Kool Savas & Samy Deluxe)
  • 2004: "Da bin, Da bleib" (CD Single/Vinyl Single)
  • 2004: "77 Minutes of Strugglin'" (with Moses Pelham & Illmat!c) (CD Single)
  • 2005: "Das Urteil" (Eko Fresh Diss) (Online-Release/Vinyl Single)
  • 2005: "Monstershit" (with Azad) (CD Single)
  • 2005: "All 4 ONE" (with Azad) (CD Single)
  • 2005: "Guck my man" (with Azad) (Mix-CD)
  • 2006: "Das ist OR!" (This is OR, "OR" means "Optik Records" his record label) (CD Single)
  • 2006: "Komm mit mir" (Come with me) (CD Single)
  • 2006: "Wie er" (with DJ Sweap & DJ Pfund 500)
  • 2007: "Der Beweis" (Online-Release)
  • 2007: "Tot oder Lebendig (song)" (Dead or Alive)
  • 2008: "Melodie" (featuring Meo Mitchell & Senna)


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