Konkani (macrolanguage)

Konkani (macrolanguage)

Konkani macrolanguage (ISO 639: kok )is an ISO 639 identifier covering two distinct languages with the same name.

Both languages are referred to as Konkani by their respective speakers. However there is a major difference between the two:

  • Goan Konkani is recognised and accepted as an independent language. It is the official language of the Indian state of Goa and is also one of the National Languages of India.
  • Konkani (individual language) on the other hand, has no official recognition. Many of its speakers and some linguists, regard it as a group of dialects of Marathi spoken in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. George Abraham Grierson has referred to it as the Konkan standard of Marathi in order to differentiate it from Goan Konkani.

Both languages are named after the Konkan region. Of these, Konkani (individual language) is considered to be the set of dialects of Marathi spoken in the Konkan region. Goan Konkani, on the other hand, is the set of dialects that originated in Goa.

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