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Classification: Kshatriya Dhangar
Significant populations in: Northern India, Western India, Southern India, and Central India
Language Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi
Religion Hinduism

Konar (meaning king)[Yadav], Idayar or Idaiyan is a Tamil caste. It is a Sub Caste of Kshatriya Dhangar caste. They are distributed all round the Tamil Nadu. They are known as Yadavs in rest of India. They are one of the ancient Tamil castes. In Silapadikaram (One of the five Tamil epics)elango adigal have mentioned that Ayars(Konars of madurai)gave kannagi accommodation for somedays.They are also mostly called Idaiyars who occupied mulai lands in Tamil ancient country. Konars traditionally raise cows and goats/Sheeps and sell milk. The seven Ai kings were mostly konars . Ananda kone and Krishnan Kone are one of the famous konar rulers of Tamilnadu.

They build the famous Gingee Fort in Tamilnadu. Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone is one of the great freedom fighter from Tamil nadu. Govt. of Tamil Nadu built the Mani Mandapa (Memorial Hall) in the name of Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone at kattalankulam in Tuticorin District.

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