Kolas, Jakub, 1882-1956, Belorussian poet and novelist, whose original name was Konstantin Mitskevich. With Janka Kupala, he was a leading figure in Belorussian national and literary life. Among his many works are novels concerned with moral themes, such as Through Life (1926), with collectivism, and with war themes, among them The Fisherman's Hut (1949). Kolas is best known for his stirring patriotic poems, including New Earth (1923).

Yakub Kolas, Jakub Kołas (Яку́б Ко́лас, November 3, 1882August 13 1956), real name Kanstancy Mickievič (Міцке́віч Канстанці́н Міха́йлавіч) was a Belarusian writer, People's Poet of the Byelorussian SSR (1926), and member (1928) and vice-president (from 1929) of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

He wrote collections of poems Songs of Captivity (1908) and Songs of Grief (Песьні-жальбы, 1910), poems A New Land (Новая зямля, 1923) and Simon the Musician (Сымон-музыка, 1925), stories, and plays. His poem The Fisherman's Hut (Рыбакова хата, 1947) is about the fight after unification of Belarus with the Soviet state. His trilogy At a Crossroads (1954) is about the pre-Revolutionary life of the Belarusian peasantry and the democratic intelligentsia. He was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1946 and 1949.

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