Kokusai Ku-8

Kokusai Ku-8

The Kokusai Ku-8 (Type 4 Special Transport Glider) is a Japanese military glider used during the Second World War. The glider was essentially a Kokusai Ki-59, with the engines and fuel tanks removed and a modified undercarriage. It was given the Allied code name Goose and later Gander. It could carry eighteen troops, or 1500 kg of cargo and two crew.

A Ku-8-II version was produced in 1944 that used a tubular steel frame structure, and had a hinged nose that could be opened to the side allow loading. Also, its capacity was increased slightly to carry twenty troops. In total, approximately 700 were built. They were used operationally in the Philippines, primarily to carry supplies.


  • Ku-8I : Prototypes.
  • Ku-8II : Military transport glider. Production version.




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