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Kojin Jugyo

Kojin Jugyo

"Kojin Jugyo" is the follow-up single to misono's debut single, "VS". "Kojin Jugyo" is a cover of a Finger 5 song by the same name.


"Kojin Jugyo" was written by Yuu Aku and was a big hit for The Finger Five in late 1973. (It was also recorded by Momoe Yamaguchi in 1973). However, the b-side, titled "pinkies", was written by misono herself. This single was a bit of a disappointment on the charts when compared to "VS". It debuted reasonably high at #8, but quickly fell down the charts in the following days. At the end of the week, it ranked #15 and sold just over 11,000 copies. Though, with fans of misono, "pinkies" is often called their favorite song behind "VS".

Music Video

Like the "VS" PV, "Kojin Jugyo" is a continuation of the fairy-tale trend misono has been making herself known for. However, this time, misono acts as a modern day Cinderella. In the video, she is dressed in dirty rags and has a dirty face. At school, she cleans the halls and sometimes plays homemade baseball. She likes this boy at school, but can not bring herself to meet him or even talk to him because of her dirty appearance. At home in her room, she looks gloomy about her situation. While she closes her eyes and cups her hands, she makes a pleading wish (to look pretty and well dressed like a princess). A fairy/witch comes out, waves her wand and grants her wish. The next day she goes to school trying to meet the boy she likes, but too many girls are crowdinging the halls. She finally ducks in the Library and notices he is there too. The fairy tries to warn her by holding notes up, saying to hurry up(her granted wish has limited time). As she walks up to him to say hello, she suddenly changes before his eyes. She also notices and runs away embarrassed. Back at home in her room, she thinks about things and feels a sense of courage. Next day at school, dressed in rags, she taps the guy she likes on the shoulder. She finally brings enough courage to say hello to him.

CD Track listing

  1. Kojin Jugyo
  2. pinkies
  3. Kojin Jugyo -instrumental-
  4. pinkies -instrumental-

DVD Track listing

  1. Kojin Jugyo (PV)


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)
Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
10 May 2006 Oricon Daily Singles Chart #8
10 May 2006 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart #15 16,223 copies 4 weeks
10 May 2006 Oricon Monthly Singles Chart # - -
10 May 2006 Oricon Yearly Singles Chart

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