Koivisto, Mauno Henrik

Koivisto, Mauno Henrik

Koivisto, Mauno Henrik, 1923-, Finnish politician. He was director of the Helsinki Workers' Savings Bank (1959-68) and then governor of the Bank of Finland (1968-82). As a Social Democrat he served as minister of finance (1966-67, 1972). He was prime minister (1968-70, 1979-80) in center-left coalition governments. In 1981 he became interim president, taking over from the incapacitated Urho Kekkonen. He was elected president in 1982, resigning all party posts, and was reelected in 1988. He continued Kekkonen's foreign policy of neutrality and closeness with the USSR.

The Order of the Elephant (Elefantordenen) is the highest order of Denmark. The order is of ancient origin, but was instituted in its current form on 1 December 1693 by King Christian V. The statute of the order was amended in 1958 by a Royal Ordinance so that both men and women could be members of the order.

The Danish monarch is the head of the order. The order is worn by members of the royal family, and may also be bestowed on foreign heads of state. In very exceptional circumstances the order may also be bestowed on a commoner. The only living holder of the order who is neither a former head of state nor royal born is Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, a leading industrialist and philanthropist.

The order of the Elephant has one class: Knight of the Order of the Elephant (Ridder af Elefantordenen).


  • The collar of the order is of gold. It consists of alternating elephants and towers. On the cover of the elephants there is a D which stands for Dania, mediaeval Latin for Denmark. According to the statutes of the order, the collar can only be worn on New Years Day (during the Danish monarch's New Years Cour) and on the Monarch's birthday.
  • The badge of the order is the elephant made of white-enamelled gold. It is about 5 cm high. On its back the elephant is bearing a watch tower; in front of the tower a Moor is sitting, holding a golden spear; on the right side of the elephant there is a cross of diamonds and on the left the elephant bears the monogram of the bestowing monarch.
  • The star of the order is an eight-pointed silver star. At its center there is a red disc with a cross, surrounded by a laurel wreath in silver. It is worn on the left side of the chest.
  • The sash of the order is of light-blue silk moiré and 10 cm wide. It is placed on the left shoulder with the elephant resting against the right hip. The collar is not worn when the sash is used.

Women's sash is about 6-7 cm wide.

Upon the death of a Knight of the Order of the Elephant, the insignia of the order must be returned.

Current knights and officers

Sovereign of the Royal Danish Orders of Chivalry

Knights of the Elephant

Knights of the Elephant listed by date of appointment

Officers of the Chapter of the Royal Danish Orders of Chivalry

  • Chancellor: HRH Prince Henrik, The Prince Consort
  • Secretary: Mr Niels Eilschou Holm, LL.D., Chamberlain, Private Secretary to HM The Queen
  • Treasurer: Ambassador Paul Fischer, LL.D., Chamberlain
  • Secretary of the Chapter: Mr Per Thornit, Chamberlain, Chief of TRH The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess's Household
  • Historiographer of the Chapter: Professor Knud J.V. Jespersen, Dr. Phil.

Recently deceased knights

  • HE Lennart Meri, President of the Republic of Estonia (d. 2006)
  • HE Johannes Rau, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany (d. 2006)

Other notable knights

Previous knights have included:


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