Kohavision (KTV) Kohavision is a Kosovar television broadcaster, a part of Koha group. Kohavision (KTV) has started broadcasting after Kosovo War, more precisely, in 2000.The news is very important sector, with Koha e Lajmeve (Time for News), beign the most watched in the country. Kohavision is not the most famous television programme in Kosovo, but, it still has some famous programmes, like Hajt Pak (included on the morning show), "3 gjermanet e trashe" (Tv-series) and many other american and latin soap-operas like Will and Grace, Only fools and horses, 'Allo 'Allo, Rebelde Way etc. Recenty, it is airing the famous American sit-com, Evreybody Hates Chris, and UK's Footballers Wives, and Men Behaving Badly. As of 30 August, KTV is broadcasting for the first time Spanish La Liga, and as usually it is broadcasting Serie A. The weekends fullof football are part of the newest show "Prej 2 deri 12" (from 2 to 12).


Kohavision was first broadcasted in 2000. Since then, it has been many popular, and not just in Kosovo, but also in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. It has been developed while Veton Surroi leaded it. Now, Veton Surroi it a former owner of KTV, but it has still continued broadcasting. They have been earlier famous with they newspaper called Koha Ditore which today is the most known newspaper in Kosovo. They never thought that KTV will be this kind of famous but today they are happy with what they achieved. It has all began by a 2 hour programme per day, but now it is a 24/7 programme.

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