Knight, George Wilson

Knight, George Wilson

Knight, George Wilson, 1897-1985, English writer and critic, grad. Oxford (B.A., 1923; M.A., 1925). He wrote numerous books and essays on English literature, including The Wheel of Fire (1930), The Imperial Theme (1931), The Crown of Life (1946), The Golden Labyrinth (1962), and Neglected Powers: Essays on 19th and 20th Century Literature (1971), as well as studies of Byron, Milton, and Shakespeare. In addition he wrote plays, poems, and an autobiography.
Asteroids discovered: 5
1620 Geographos September 14, 1951
1915 Quetzálcoatl March 9, 1953
1980 Tezcatlipoca June 19, 1950
10000 Myriostos September 30, 1951
(118162) 1951 SX September 29, 1951
Albert George Wilson (born July 28 1918) is an American astronomer.

He was born in Houston, Texas. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Caltech in 1947; his thesis title was Axially Symmetric Thermal Stresses in a Semi-Infinite Solid.

In 1949 he accepted a job at Palomar Observatory, and led the Palomar Sky Survey. In 1953 he became assistant director of Lowell Observatory, and served as director from 1954 to 1957. He later worked at Rand Corporation and other private sector jobs. In 1962 he became founding editor of the astronomical magazine Icarus.

He discovered a number of asteroids, and also co-discovered the periodic comet 107P/Wilson-Harrington.

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