Clive, Kitty (Catherine Raftor), 1711-85, English singer and actress. She made her debut (c.1728) at Drury Lane under the management of Colley Cibber and worked for many years with David Garrick, with whom she never got along. Her charm, wit, and vivacity, linked with a fine singing voice, brought her great success in light comedy and farce. She was a friend of Samuel Johnson; of Fielding, in whose plays and adaptations she appeared; and of Horace Walpole, who gave her a cottage, Clive's-Den, upon her retirement. There she held an informal salon and wrote several farces. She was painted by Hogarth.

Kitty may refer to:

The name was used in English Victorian cockney slang for a prostitute.

In zoology:

  • Cat, small carnivorous mammal of the subspecies Felis silvestris catus, or any member of the genus Felis, or any member of the family Felidae
  • Kitten, a young cat

In music:

In sports:

  • A small white ball used as the target in lawn bowls

In literature:

  • A 1927 novel by Warwick Deeping, which was filmed and became the first British talkie in 1929
  • Kitty, the addressee of entries in Jewish war-victim Anne Frank's diary
  • Kitty Norville, the main character in urban fantasy novels by Carrie Vaughn
  • Kitty Drew is the name used in Swedish translations of detective Nancy Drew

In television and film:

In finance:

  • A money pool, often into which bets are placed and winnings are drawn from

In history:

  • Kitty saloon, an high level brothel in Berlin during the World War II, which allowed to spy the German Gentry


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