Kiton is considered one of the most exclusive and prestigious fashion houses in the world.


Kiton was founded in 1968 in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone. It opened its US$40 million New York flagship and showroom on West 54th Street in 2004, they also opened a shop in London very recently. Like many other fashion brands, Kiton has diversified in recent years to include sportswear, footwear, fragrances, furnishings and a women's collection.


The company makes about 18,000 suits per year that usually cost US$5,000 - $15,000 each. They can be ordered bespoke or purchased at a small number of exclusive clothiers. Most suits take approximately 25 hours of labor, with at least 45 tailors contributing to each one. Kiton's most famous suit model is the "K-50", which takes 50 hours to produce, costing up to $50,000. Kiton dress shirts are also hand finished, as are Kiton's seven-fold silk neckties. A strong believer in tailoring by hand, Paone inaugurated a tailor's school in Kiton's factory in an industrial suburb of Naples.

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