Kissui (vodka)

Kissui (vodka)

Kissui is a vodka from Japan. It is the first and only Japanese vodka available in the US at this moment. It’s distilled and bottled by Takara Shuzo in Kyoto, Japan.

The Brand name “KISSUI” means “absolutely pure” or “made from one ingredient” or “non-mixed” in Japanese.


Kissui is 100% distilled from rice with “Super-Allospas” process to allows for purity. Then it's blended with the natural spring water “Fushi-mizu”, it’s famous for Sake making, from Fushimi, Kyoto.

Kabuki Mask Symbol

Kabuki is an original Japanese theater form born in the early 17th century, Edo period, The name “Kabuki” comes from the Japanese word “kabuku”, meaning to behave or act in a modern/liberal way. Over the years, Kabuki has come to represent historical beauty of Japan.


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