Kissing Point

Kissing Point, New South Wales

Kissing Point is an area located in the Sydney Lower North Shore locality of South Ryde, or what is far more commonly known as Putney, New South Wales.

Kissing Point is where Bennelong died and is home to two wharfs; one at Bennelong Park and the other being the Sydney Ferries Kissing Point Wharf itself at the very tip of the small peninsuala.

It is said that "Kissing Point" was given its name because the area of water around it was the furthest up Sydney Harbour that large sailing ships/vessels could reach before their keels 'kissed' the bottom. Kissing Point was also the earliest European name (after Wallumatta) given to the Ryde-Hunters Hill area. The Parish of Kissing Point used to encompass the Ryde-Hunters Hill area of the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

For more history see Tennyson Point, New South Wales.

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