Kingu, also spelled Qingu, meaning unskilled laborer, was a god in Babylonian mythology, and — after the murder of his father — the consort of the goddess Tiamat, his mother, who wanted to establish him as ruler and leader of all gods before she was slain by Marduk. Tiamat gave Kingu the 3 Tablet of Destinies, which he wore as a breastplate and which gave him great power, and put him in charge of Tiamat's army. Eventually, he was killed by Anu, some sources name Marduk, to prevent his rise, and his blood was used to create mankind. Kingu's pivotal role in the Babylonian creation myth is described in Enûma Elish.

Popular Culture

In popular culture, both Polish death metal group Vader and Swedish symphonic metal group Therion have written songs called "Blood of Kingu" referencing the myth that humanity was created from the slain god's blood. Blood of Kingu is also a black metal band from Ukraine. Kingu is the progenitor of a family of vampires in the roleplaying game Everlasting. Like many mythic figures, Kingu has also been portrayed as a character in the DC Comics universe Kingu is a Persona available to the player in Persona 3.

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