Kiner's Korner

Kiner's Korner

Kiner's Korner was a post game interview show following New York Mets broadcasts hosted by Ralph Kiner. The show aired since the Mets' inaugural season at Shea Stadium in 1964.


The close-in left field seats in Forbes Field were originally known as "Greenberg's Gardens" for Pirates slugger Hank Greenberg. After Greenberg retired and Kiner became the team's primary offensive weapon, the area was renamed "Kiner's Korner".

Mets Post Game

For years the show followed every Mets home game. The first was on April 18, 1964. In more recent years as Kiner's workload decreased, the show was on less frequently, usually following home games on free television.


Kiner's mis-statements over the years have become legendary among Mets fans, celebrated on at least one website. Some of the more memorable according to Met's fans include:

  • "All of Rick Aguilera's saves have come in relief appearances."
  • "All the Met wins on the road against Los Angeles this year have come at Dodger Stadium."
  • "It's Father's Day today at Shea, so to all you fathers out there, Happy Birthday."
  • "The Mets are winless in the month of Atlanta"
  • "Reggie Jackson called himself the spoon that stirred the cup."
  • Ralph called Hubie Brooks "Mookie" for an entire show once.
  • "And it's going...going...going to be caught" Kiners call on a long fly ball that he thought was going to be a home run at Dodger Stadium.

Ralph also had an interesting interview with Choo Choo Coleman in the Mets early days, when he asked Choo Choo "What's your wife's name and what's she like?" Choo Choo replied "My wife's name is Mrs. Coleman and she likes me, Bub."

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