Killradio is a punk-revival and post-punk band formed in 2001 in Northridge, California. They use a mix of music styles, including heavy rock, hardcore, ska, funk, and hip-hop.

Killradio is also a Los Angeles independent internet radio station


Killradio named their band as a personal statement against those who have usurped the airwaves for personal and financial gain instead of respecting it as a source for ALL people to spread information and music to the masses. They are leading the fight to return this medium to its' the rightful owners…the people. Hurling political lyrical themes into the crossfire of classic punk rock music and alternative rock with a dash of hip hop rhythm, Killradio are a fresh force to be reckoned with in the contemporary world of aggressive sounds. Not of the "Sunday Driver" approach to songwriting that has taken over too much of today's underground, Killradio churn out fast paced tempos with vocals stylings of matching velocity, creating sobering tones for lovers of high octane compositions.

[...] Since people seem to interpret our name as NOT wanting to be on the radio they are wrong. We want to be on every radio, we want to take back the radio![...]

Band members

Current members

  • Brandon Jordan - lead vocals, guitar
  • Dirty - bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Duke - drums

Past members

  • Bird - guitar
  • Jasten King - guitar


As of March 2007, the band stated that they are back and currently working on a new EP entitled 'Good Americans'. Jordan also started a new band project, which is recording an album, but the details are under wraps (except that a blend of punk / blues / hiphop). Drummer, Duke, and guitarist, Jasten King, have started a new rock/punk band called NANCY FULLFORCE ( and currently touring.

A new release for the "Good Americans" EP is available as of September 2008 on Nine 12 Records. There was also an entry at Killradio's Myspace Blog for the EP Artwork Winner




Studio albums

Year Title Label Format Other information
2004 Raised On Whipped Cream Columbia CD First album.
2008 Good Americans (EP) Nine 12 CD, Digital Release (iTunes) First studio release in four years.


  • Do You Know (Knife In Your Back)


Killradio tours extensively, most notably throughout the California and Ontario, Canada regions. They have shared the stage with bands such as Mindless Self Indulgence, Jello Biafra, Moneen, Rise Against, Coheed and Cambria, Alexisonfire, and Billy Talent. In addition, they have been featured on the Warped Tour. In May 2008, Killradio performed new material from the upcoming album in LA.

Songs in games

Scavenger - Need For Speed Underground 2
Scavenger - Need For Speed Underground Rivals
Do You Know (Knife In Your Back) - ATV Offroad Fury 3/ Blazin' Trails

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