Kid Supreme

Kid Supreme

Kid Supreme is the name of a character in the comic book series Supreme. During World War II, Charles Flanders discovered he could tap into Supreme's power, and he became Supreme's sidekick, the first Kid Supreme. The second Kid Supreme was Danny Fuller after he received super powers during a fight between Supreme and Union. Alan Moore's Kid Supreme is merely a younger version of Supreme as an homage to Superboy.. He was also Supreme-Mite when he first received his powers as a toddler.

There have been three versions of Kid Supreme:

Charles Flanders

The first one was Charles Flanders, a boy who could tap into Supreme's powers. He became Kid Supreme, Supreme's World War II sidekick, though his relationship with Supreme was not one of equal partners – rather, Flanders was more of a pet than a friend to Supreme.

Danny Fuller

The second original version of Kid Supreme was a teenager named Danny Fuller. He is caught at ground zero of the battle between Supreme and Union, and received super-powers in an explosion that occurs during the fight. He finds that he has become invulnerable, super strong and capable of flight. As Danny is a fan of Supreme and super-heroes, he decides to become one himself. However, after a mistake of Danny's indirectly leads to a man's death, he moves back home to his grandparents' house to live a normal life. This doesn't last. He continues using his powers. He meets superheroes like Glory and Lady Supreme. He travels to the Supremacy, only to return..


Both the Charles Flanders and Danny Fuller versions of Kid Supreme were removed from existence after the Supreme continuity was rebooted by Alan Moore, though they still exist in the Supremacy. However, Moore's version of Supreme featured numerous childhood adventures of Kid Supreme, a teenage version of the adult hero.

Several of these adventures featured Kid Supreme's colleagues in The League of Infinity, a team of teenage heroes from different eras (loosely based on DC Comics Legion of Super Heroes). Grown up versions of these heroes would sometimes appear with the adult Supreme.

Apart from Kid Supreme/Supreme and his younger sister Suprema, the most prominent members of the League of Infinity include:

Futuregirl/Futurewoman (Zayla Zarn) from the 25th century. Her technology makes the League's existence possible.

Witch Wench/Witch Woman (Vivienne) a beautiful young witch from 17th century Salem.

Giganthro, a prehistoric caveman, possessing great strength and unusually high intelligence.

Young Bill Hickock/Wild Bill Hickock, the legendary 19th century Wild West hero.

Young Achilles/Achilles, the invulnerable hero of Greek mythology.

Aladdin, the legendary master of the Genie in the lamp.

First appearances

  • Supreme (Vol. 2) #9 (1993) (Charles Flanders)
  • Supreme (Vol. 2) #19 (1994) (Danny Fuller)
  • Supreme (Vol. 2) #42 (1996) (Ethan Crane)


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