Kickoff return

Kickoff return

In American and Canadian football a kickoff return is the act of returning a kickoff from the opposing team.


A kickoff occurs at the start of each half and before each overtime (in the National, Canadian, and Arena Football Leagues). After a touchdown or field goal, there is also a kickoff with the team being scored against receiving. There is a special "free kick" after a safety.


To receive a kickoff and set up a kickoff return, the receiving team sets up their eleven players starting from 10 yards back from the point the ball is kicked from. There are usually one or two players positioned deep (around the goal line) that will attempt to catch or pick up the ball after it is kicked off by the opposing team's kicker. They will then attempt to carry the ball as far as possible upfield, without being tackled or running out of bounds. The other players are to block the kickoff team from getting to their kickoff returner.


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