Kentucky Oaks

Kentucky Oaks

The Kentucky Oaks is a Grade I stakes race for three-year-old Thoroughbred fillies staged annually in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The race currently covers 1⅛ miles (1811 m) at Churchill Downs; carry 121 pounds (54.9 kg). The Kentucky Oaks is held on the Friday before the Kentucky Derby each year. The winner gets a $500,000 dollar purse and a garland of lilies.


The first running of the Kentucky Oaks was on May 19, 1875 back when Churchill Downs was known as the Louisville Jockey Club. The race was founded by Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. along with the Kentucky Derby, the Clark Handicap, and the Falls City Handicap. The Oaks and the Derby are the oldest continuously contested sporting events in history and the only horse races to be held at its original site since its conception. The Kentucky Oaks was modeled after the British Epsom Oaks. In the first race the horse Vinaigrette won the then 1 ½ mile race in a time of 2:39.75 winning a purse of $1,175. Since that race the Kentucky Oaks has been held each year.

The Kentucky Oaks has been run at four different distances. In 1875 the race was 1½ miles and remained that way until 1890. In 1891 it was changed to 1¼ miles for a brief peroid until 1895. After the two changed they had a series of changes, which from 1896 to 1919 it would be 1 1/16 miles, then changed in 1920 to 1⅛ miles until 1941 and back to 1 /16 miles in 1942 to 1981. Finally in 1982 the race would be set as 1⅛ miles and has been that distance since.

The Kentucky Oaks is considered by some to be the second most popular horse race in the American horse racing society due to its attendance. It attracts about 100,000 people in attendance a year since 2001's 127th running of the Kentucky Oaks. In 1980 it was about 50,000 people and by 1989 it had reached about 67,000 people. The attendance at the Kentucky Oaks usually surpassed the attendance at the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, as well as the Breeders' Cup.

The Kentucky Oaks, the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes, and the Acorn Stakes are the counter parts to the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. However the "Filly Triple Crown" known as the Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing is a series of three races at the Belmont and Saratoga Race courses. Some consideration has been made by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) to change the Triple Tiara series to the three counter parts of the Triple Crown.


The 2006 horse Lemons Forever had the highest odds at 47-1 ever to win the Kentucky Oaks. The fastest time to finish the 1⅛ mile race is 1:48.64 set in 2003 by Bird Town. The fastest time for the 1 ½ mile race is 2:39 by the horses Felicia set in 1877, tied by Belle of Nelson in 1878 and tied again Katie Creel in 1882. The 1 ¼ mile race record is held by Selika set in 1894 at 2:15. The record for the 1 1/16 mile race is 1:43.75 set be Ari’s Mona in 1950 and tied by Sweet Alliance in 1977.

Winners of the Kentucky Oaks

Year Winner Jockey Owner Trainer Time
2008 Proud Spell Gabriel Saez Brereton C. Jones Larry Jones 1:50.01
2007 Rags to Riches Garrett Gomez Derrick Smith and Michael Tabor Todd Pletcher 1:49.99
2006 Lemons Forever Mark Guidry Leon, Willis & Terry Horton/Dallas Stewart Dallas Stewart 1:50.07
2005 Summerly Jerry Bailey Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC Steve Asmussen 1:50.23
2004 Ashado John Velazquez Starlight Stables (Jack Wolf), Paul Saylor & Johns Martin Todd Pletcher 1:50.81
2003 Bird Town Edgar Prado Marylou Whitney Stables Nick Zito 1:48.64
2002 Farda Amiga Chris McCarron Old Friends Inc. & Winner Silk Inc. Paulo Lobo 1:50.41
2001 Flute Jerry Bailey Juddmonte Farms Robert J. Frankel 1:48.85
2000 Secret Status Pat Day W.S. Farish, W. Temple Webber, Jr. & James Elkins Neil Howard 1:50.30
1999 Silverbulletday Gary Stevens Michael E. Pegram Bob Baffert 1:49.92
1998 Keeper Hill David R. Flores John A. Chandler Robert J. Frankel 1:52.06
1997 Blushing K.D. Lonnie Meche James & Sue Burns Sam David, Jr. 1:50.29
1996 Pike Place Dancer Corey Nakatani Jerry Hollendorfer & G. Todaro Jerry Hollendorfer 1:49.88
1995 Gal In A Ruckus Herb McCauley John Oxley John T. Ward, Jr. 1:50.09
1994 Sardula Eddie Delahoussaye Mr. & Mrs. J. Moss Brian Mayberry 1:51.16
1993 Dispute Jerry Bailey Ogden Mills Phipps Shug McGaughey 1:52.47
1992 Luv Me Luv Me Not Fabio Arguello, Jr. Philip Maas Glenn Wismer 1:51.41
1991 Lite Light Corey Nakatani Oaktown Stable Jerry Hollendorfer 1:48.80
1990 Seaside Attraction Chris McCarron Overbrook Farm D. Wayne Lukas 1:52.80
1989 Open Mind Angel Cordero, Jr. Eugene V. Klein D. Wayne Lukas 1:50.60
1988 Goodbye Halo Pat Day A.B. Hancock III & A. Campbell, Jr. Charlie Whittingham 1:50.40
1987 Buryyourbelief José Santos D. S. Bray, Jr. Laz Barrera 1:50.40
1986 Tiffany Lass Gary Stevens Aaron U. Jones Laz Barrera 1:50.60
1985 Fran's Valentine Pat Valenzuela Earl Scheib Joe Manzi 1:50.00
1984 Lucky Lucky Lucky Angel Cordero, Jr. Leslie Combs Ⅱ & Equites Stable D. Wayne Lukas 1:51.80
1983 Princess Rooney Jacinto Vasquez Paula Tucker Frank Gomez 1:50.80
1982 Blush With Pride Bill Shoemaker Stonereath Farms D. Wayne Lukas 1:50.20
1981 Heavenly Cause Laffit Pincay, Jr. Ryehill Farm Woody Stephens 1:43.80
1980 Bold 'n Determined Eddie Delahoussaye Saron Stable Neil Drysdale 1:44.80
1979 Davona Dale Jorge Velasquez Calumet Farm John M. Veitch 1:47.20
1978 White Star Line Eddie Maple Newstead Farm Woody Stephens 1:45.20
1977 Sweet Alliance Chris McCarron Windfields Farm Bud Delp 1:43.60
1976 Optimistic Gal Braulio Baeza Diana M. Firestone LeRoy Jolley 1:44.60
1975 Sun and Snow G. Patterson C. V. Whitney Stables Geo. T. Poole 1:44.60
1974 Quaze Quilt W. Gavidia Fred W. Hooper Thomas W. Kelley 1:46.60
1973 Bag of Tunes D. Gargan C. V. Whitney Stables Geo. T. Poole 1:44.20
1972 Susan's Girl V. Tejada Fred W. Hooper John W. Russell 1:44.20
1971 Silent Beauty K. Knapp Leslie Combs Ⅱ R. I. Fischer 1:44.20
1970 Lady Vi-E D. Whited A. H. & A. M. Stall John Oxley 1:44.80
1969 Hail to Patsy D. Kassen Walter Kitchen Loyd Gentry, Jr. 1:44.40
1968 Dark Mirage Manuel Ycaza Lloyd I. Miller E. W. King 1:44.60
1967 Nancy Jr. Johnny Sellers Hidden Valley Farm Stanley M. Rieser 1:44.00
1966 Native Street Don Brumfield Aisco Stable Les Lear 1:44.80
1965 Amerivan Ron Turcotte Mrs. Mary Keim Mary Keim 1:44.40
1964 Blue Norther Bill Shoemaker Mrs. W. R. Hawn T. W. Dunn 1:44.20
1963 Sally Ship Manuel Ycaza Cain Hoy Stable Woody Stephens 1:44.80
1962 Cicada Bill Shoemaker Meadow Stable Casey Hayes 1:44.60
1961 My Portrait Braulio Baeza Fred W. Hooper C. R. Parke 1:47.00
1960 Make Sail Manuel Ycaza Cain Hoy Stable Woody Stephens 1:44.20
1959 (1) Wedlock John L. Rotz Paul Shawhan Paul Shawhan 1:45.00
1959 (2) Hidden Talent Manuel Ycaza Cain Hoy Stable Woody Stephens 1:44.40
1958 Bug Brush Eddie Arcaro C. V. Whitney Stables Sylvester Veitch 1:44.80
1957 Lori-El L. C. Cook Soto & Berke M. R. Soto 1:44.80
1956 Princess Turia Bill Hartack Calumet Farm Horace A. Jones 1:44.80
1955 Lalun Henry Moreno Cain Hoy Stable Loyd Gentry, Jr. 1:46.00
1954 Fascinator Anthony DeSpirito Maine Chance Farm Edward A. Neloy 1:45.00
1953 Bubbley Eddie Arcaro Calumet Farm Horace A. Jones 1:45.60
1952 Real Delight Eddie Arcaro Calumet Farm Horace A. Jones 1:45.40
1951 How Eddie Arcaro H. B. Delman Horatio Luro 1:45.60
1950 Ari's Mona William Boland J. C. Hauer J. C. Hauer 1:43.60
1949 Wistful III Gordon Glisson Calumet Farm Ben A. Jones 1:47.40
1948 Challe Anne W. Garner F. L. Flanders W. U. Ridenour 1:48.60
1947 Blue Grass Johnny Longden Arthur B. Hancock, Jr. Willie Crump 1:51.60
1946 First Page J. R. Layton H. G. Jones C. A. Bidencope 1:51.40
1945 Come and Go C. L. Martin Thomas Piatt J. P. Sallee 1:49.80
1944 Canina John Adams Abe Hirschberg F. C. Childs 1:48.60
1943 Nellie L. W. Eads Calumet Farm Ben A. Jones 1:48.60
1942 Miss Dogwood John Adams Brownell Combs J. M. Goode 1:47.00
1941 Valdina Myth G. King Valdina Farm J. J. Flanigan 1:52.60
1940 Inscolassie R. L. Vedder Woolford Farm R. O. Hugdon 1:54.40
1939 Flying Lill C. Bierman Mrs. C. H. Cleary Clifford Porter 1:51.00
1938 Flying Lee L. Haas Hal Price Headley D. A. Headley 1:52.80
1937 Mars Shield A. Robertson Ethel Mars Robert McGarvey 1:53.40
1936 Two Bob R. Workman C. V. Whitney Stables J. A. Healey 1:52.60
1935 Paradisical G. Fowler I. J. Collins Al Miller 1:51.20
1934 Fiji G. Elston Young Bros. T. B. Young 1:51.60
1933 Barn Swallow Don Meade Eugene R. Bradley Henry J. Thompson 1:51.20
1932 Suntica A. Pascuma Willis Sharpe Kilmer Jack Whyte 1:52.20
1931 Cousin Jo Eugene James Charles Nuckols Wm. Reed 1:53.00
1930 Alcibiades R. Finnerty Hal Price Headley Walter W. Taylor 1:52.60
1929 Rose of Sharon W. Crump D. E. Stewart D. E. Stewart 1:51.00
1928 Easter Stockings W. Crump Audley Farm Stable K. Spence 1:51.60
1927 Mary Jane D. Connelly Gallaher & Combs S. S. Combs 1:53.40
1926 Black Maria A. Mortensen William R. Coe William H. Karrick 1:55.40
1925 Deeming J. McCoy C. B. Dailey C. B. Dailey 1:54.00
1924 Princess Doreen H. Stutts Audley Farm Stable S. M. Henderson 1:51.80
1923 Untidy J. Corcoran Mrs. Payne Whitney S. P. Harlan 1:53.00
1922 Startle D. Connelly H. H. Hewitt J. I. Smith 1:52.60
1921 Nancy Lee Linus McAtee P. A. Clark J. McCormick 1:50.40
1920 Lorraine D. Connelly J. N. Camden J. C. Milam 1:58.40
1919 Lillian Shaw T. Murray J. R. Livingston J. McCormick 1:45.00
1918 Viva America W. Warrington C. T. Worthington W. N. Potts 1:46.80
1917 Sunbonnett Johnny Loftus A. K. Macomber B. W. Jennings 1:46.80
1916 Kathleen R. Goose Geo. J. Long Pete Coyne 1:47.40
1915 Waterblossom E. Martin Thomas C. McDowell Geo. Denny 1:46.60
1914 Bronzewing W. Obert A. P. Humphrey D. Lehan 1:45.60
1913 Cream C. Ganz C. C. Van Meter A. Baker 1:47.60
1912 Flamma James H. Butwell E. F. Condran J. Duffy 1:51.20
1911 Bettie Sue T. Rice A. Brown D. Huestis 1:48.00
1910 Samaria R. Scoville J. P. Ross & Co. W. McDaniel 1:50.20
1909 Floreal Heidel W. H. Fizer W. H. Fizer 1:49.20
1908 Ellen-a-Dale V. Powers Thomas C. McDowell Geo. Denny 1:46.60
1907 Wing Ting J. Lee J. S. Hawkins J. S. Hawkins 1:50.20
1906 King's Daughter E. Robinson Thomas C. McDowell Thomas C. McDowell 1:47.80
1905 Janeta D. Austin Cassin & Rogers R. L. Rogers 1:49.75
1904 Audience G. Helgeson Sam S. Brown H. C. Riddle 1:51.00
1903 Lemco J. Reiff Ed Corrigan F. Kelly 1:49.75
1902 Wainamoinen M. Coburn Talbot Bros. H. J. Talbot 1:51.25
1901 Lady Schorr J. Woods John F. Schorr John W. Schorr 1:53.00
1900 Etta M. Overton Ed Brown & Co. Edward D. Brown 1:48.00
1899 Rush J. Hill Thomas C. McDowell Thomas C. McDowell 1:52.50
1898 Crocket J. Hill J. C. Cahn L. Cahn 1:51.50
1897 White Frost Thomas H. Burns E. S. Gardner & Son L. C. Davis 1:49.00
1896 Soufflé C. Thorpe J. M. Murphy J. Healy 1:54.50
1895 Voladora Alonzo Clayton Pastime Stable Not found 2:16.75
1894 Selika Alonzo Clayton Bashford Manor J. H. Morris 2:15.00
1893 Monrovia J. Reagan Edward D. Brown Edward D. Brown 2:16.00
1892 Miss Dixie H. Ray Col. J. E. Pepper M. Danaher 2:14.25
1891 Miss Hawkins T. Britton Talbot Bros. H. J. Talbot 2:18.25
1890 English Lady Hollis Scoggan Bros. Not found 2:42.50
1889 Jewel Ban John Stoval J. T. Clay W. Clay 2:41.00
1888 Ten Penny A. McCarthy, Jr. M. Welsh Not found 2:42.00
1887 Florimore Johnston T. H. Stevens D. W. Kelly 2:40.75
1886 Pure Rye Edward Garrison Melbourne Stable Not found 2:41.00
1885 Lizzie Dwyer Fuller Edward Corrigan Edward Corrigan 2:40.75
1884 Modesty Isaac Murphy Edward Corrigan Edward Corrigan 2:48.25
1883 Vera John Stoval R. C. Pate J. Pate 2:39.75
1882 Katie Creel John Stoval Johnson & Co. C. A. Johnson 2:39.00
1881 Lucy May Wolfe R. F. Johnson Not found 2:41.00
1880 Longitude J. McLaughlin J. G. Malone Not found 2:41.75
1879 Liahtunah Hightower J. A. Grinstead Not found 2:40.25
1878 Belle of Nelson Booth Mattingly & Co. Not found 2:39.00
1877 Felicia W. James J. W. Reynolds Not found 2:39.00
1876 Necy Hale W. James F. B. Harper Not found 2:42.50
1875 Vinaigrette J. Houston A. B. Lewis & Co. Not found 2:39.75

Note: In 1924, Glide finished first but was disqualified for fouling.

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