Kentucky Improvement Company

Ocklawaha Steamboat, Canal, Drainage and River Improvement Company

Florida state law chapter 3493, approved March 5, 1883, incorporated the Ocklawaha Steamboat, Canal, Drainage and River Improvement Company, owned by Samuel Agnew, Gustavus A. Dwelly and Abijah M. Higgins,

  • for the purpose of digging, constructing and maintaining a canal from Lake Eustis to a point at or near the mouth of said river
  • for the purpose also of maintaining a line of steamers upon said canal
  • [for] the drainage and reclamation of the adjacent public lands and straightening and improving said river at any or all points where, by reason of its crookedness or for other reasons, the navigation is circuitous or obstructed.

A wide right-of-way was promised, as well as half the land reclaimed by the canal.

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