Ken Duncan

Ken Duncan

Ken Duncan (born 20 December 1954) is a Christian photographer from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He is regarded as one of Australia's most acclaimed landscape photographers, and gained prominence for his pioneering work with panoramic landscapes and limited edition photographic prints.

Early years

Ken Duncan was born in Mildura, Victoria, on Australia's Murray River, and lived most of his early life in country towns. He became interested in photography in his early teens. After leaving school, he eventually became senior technical representative for Australia's leading photographic supply house. His particular interest with panoramic shots began when the company imported the Widelux camera, which had the ability to produce panoramic shots of his favorite landscapes. In 1981, at the age of 26, he moved to Sydney.


In 1982, he left Sydney to travel Australia and to photograph its famed landscapes. In five years he produced more than 80,000 images.

Although the panoramic format is considered his most popular, Ken Duncan has also utilized many other different formats and media. He has produced several books and has been awarded for his work. His first major publication was a pictorial book called The Last Frontier — Australia Wide published in 1987 by Weldon publishers. More than 65,000 copies have been sold.

In the late 1990s he produced a book called America Wide, which features landscapes of many U.S. states. It was completed a few days before the World Trade Center attacks in New York City in 2001. In 2003 Ken Duncan released 3D Australia — popularizing 3D printing.


Ken Duncan is a Christian fundamentalist and a creationist. Through his photography he sees himself as an interpreter of God's creation, and the vision statement of his company is "To show the beauty of God’s creation."

Other work

Art styles before his influence were focused more on paintings, abstract, lyrical, expressive and postmodern art.

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