Kelvington, Saskatchewan

Kelvington, Saskatchewan

Kelvington is a town of 866 residents in the rural municipality of Kelvington No. 366, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The town was named for Baron William T. Kelvin, scientist and inventor. Kelvington is located at the intersection of Highway 38 and Highway 49 northeast portion of Saskatchewan. Kelvington is geographically situated in the parkland region of Saskatchewan and is surrounded by numerous lakes, Big Quill Lake, Little Quill Lake, Ponass Lake, Nut Lake, Little Nut Lake, Round Lake and Fishing Lake going around clockwise. East Central Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (SARBI) is a rehabilitation facility which is located in Kelvington and services a one hundred mile radius. Kelvington is located along the Route 66 Snowmobile Trail.


Besides being on two major highways, Highway 38 and Highway 49. Kelvington is also home to the Kelvington Airport. Kelvington is also located along the CNR railway Swan River-Preeceville- Melville-Regina Branch line.


Kelvington is serviced by the Northeast Chronicle and Kelvington Radio newspaper. There are two local radio stations, Kelvington Radio and Now That's Country GX94 a.m. radio.

Notable natives

Kelvington has created a large collection of hockey cards commemorating hockey greats who have originated from Kelvington, Saskatchewan. Lloyd Gronsdahl, Barry Melrose, Joe Kocur, Wendel Clark, Kerry Clark, and Kory Kocur are all featured on their cards with their NHL hockey statistics. This large sign is located to the west side Highway 38

Sites of Interest

  • Round Lake
  • Marean Lake is located 40 kilometers north of Kelvington.
  • Fishing Lake Regional Park is located just 35 kilometers south of Kelvington.
  • Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is located 40 kilometers north of Kelvington.
  • Big Quill Lake
  • Little Quill Lake
  • Ponass Lake
  • Nut Lake
  • Little Nut Lake
  • Fishing Lake


N/A = Data Not Available

Area statistics

  • Lat (DMS) 52° 10' 00" N
  • Long (DMS) 103° 32' 00" W
  • Dominion Land Survey Sec.4, Twp.37, R.11, W2
  • Time zone (cst) UTC-6



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