Keiko Toda


Keiko is a very popular female Japanese given name.

Possible meanings

As with many Japanese names, Keiko can be written using a number of different kanji. Some of the most common ways of writing Keiko (and the most representative meanings of the respective kanji) are:

  • 子 — "lucky/blessed child"
  • 子 — "respectful child"
  • 子 — "sunlight/view/scenic child"
  • 子 — "katsura tree child"
  • 子 — "square jewel child"
  • 子 — "happy child"
  • 子 — "open (one's eyes)/express/spring (season) child"

The suffix ko () implies the name is female and the name is almost never given to males. Much less commonly, Keiko can also be written as 子, 子, or 子.

Keiko is also the shortened form of the Ojibwa (Native American Tribe) word "Keikhota," which is both a derivative of the word "Keik" (meaning 'golden') and "khota" (meaning season). "Keikhota" thus means "Golden Season," and is the Ojibwa word designated to the season of Fall.


Keikō (景行), with a long "o," is the name given to Emperor Keikō posthumously.

Fictional characters


  • Keiko (orca), the orca, or killer whale, which performed in the film Free Willy

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