Keihan Katano Line

Keihan Katano Line

The is a 6.9km length railway line of a Japanese private railway company Keihan Electric Railway, in northern Osaka Prefecture from Hirakatashi Station on the Keihan Main Line southbound to Kisaichi Station.


The line was built and opened by an independent railway company, in 1929. The company aimed to build a line to connect its main line, present Ikoma Line of Kintetsu. The company cancelled the plan by financial reason, and commissioned the operation to Keihan. Later the operator changed, namely in 1939 , in 1945, finally in 1949 present Keihan Electric Railway.

The line had been single-tracked, but in 1992 the second tracks completed.


In the line all trains stop all stations. Several trains through to Keihan Main Line are operated on weekdays, as rapid trains. They are exceptionally named "Hikoboshi" and "Orihime", unlike other anonymous rapids of Keihan trains. (L)
Between Hirakatashi and Kisaichi. No through service to Keihan Main Line. Exclusively in daytime of weekdays and all day of holidays "Hikoboshi" (H)
In the weekday evenings, from for Kisaichi, stops at Kyōbashi, Moriguchi-shi, all stations from Kayashima to Hirakata-shi on the Keihan Main Line, and all stations on the Katano Line "Orihime" (O)
In the weekday mornings, from Kisaichi for Yodoyabashi, stops at all stations on the Katano Line to Hirakata-shi, then Kyōbashi, Temmabashi, and Kitahama on Keihan Main Line


All stations are in Osaka Prefecture.

  • *1: From Temmabashi
  • *2: To Yodoyabashi

Rolling stock

EMUs on the line are 4 or 5-car sets.10000 series
4-car, operated as conductor-less. Newest EMU series of Keihan2600 series
4-car1900 series
5-car, retiring

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Station L H O Location
To/From N/A *1 *2  
枚方市駅 S S S Hirakata
宮之阪駅 S S S
星が丘駅 S S S
村野駅 S S S
郡津駅 S S S Katano
交野市駅 S S S
河内森駅 S S S
私市駅 S S S